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Classic Dodge RamCharger hood ornament on a Nitro?

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Hey Guys, i bet you guys remember the Muscle RamCharger i have been a fan since a kid. So Now that i have my nitro i thought about how would it look with a hood ornament. So i went on ebay and i bid so i won the hood ornament. Check it Out! I want to know your thoughts and once i install it i'll post some pics.

is a hood ornament with lights. I'm excited it to install it.
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The front edge of the hood is doubled and will not be easy to access the screws from underneath. They will need to drill a larger hole for access. Make sure the edges of the hole are painted or you will have a rust problem. I have done one off's like this before and it is not simple. I think if you can get it done for less than $100 you got a good deal.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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