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Clicking heard when I back up...

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...Dad pointed it out, and I opened the window, and it seems that there is a clicking from under the vehicle when I am backing out of the garage....any insights?

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If you have the chrome (cheap plastic cover) chances are that is what you hear. My wifes does it everytime.
hate to sound stupid, how would that click (almost like the sound of a card on the spoke of a wheel on a bike)...?

thanks - Rich
I am not saying for sure thats what yours is. Sounds "sound" different to different people, but my wifes clicks the whole time she is backing down out of the driveway. Those plastic(chrome) wheel covers actually flex around the circumference of the wheel as the tire bulges at the bottom. I have verified the noise on my wifes a number of times already. Like I said though, yours may actually be something else.

good luck
Worked hard on that one didn'tcha! :thk:

Theres no plastic rims on a Nitro!
I listened again, and knowing that sounds can travel in odd ways in a vehicle, this sound really does sound like it is under the vehicle, not outside by the tire areas... I do appreciate the assistance as it can help in ruling things out as well.

Worked hard on that one didn'tcha! :thk:

Theres no plastic rims on a Nitro!
LOL, well maybe it isn't plastic, but it is a cover. Didn't really work hard either. Just familiar with these wheels with nice covers on them.
The shinny wheels are plastic clad to metal. I first noticed them on 03 PT Cruisers, maybe 04s.
Wouldn't be maybe some paper or plastic caught on the driveshaft would it? that sounds plausible...will have to check that don't I feel stupid! :i_rolleyes:
No, unenlightened is the word. I went and backed mine all over the place this eve. & never heard a click so don't know what to say, might get a friend to back it up slow while you walk along side might be able to pinpoint the click.
Well, called the dealer yesterday, and planning on bringing my Nitro in on Friday - also going to come with a handful of copies of the TSB's from here and politely ask that preventative measures be taken....

Happy 2007!:Banana01: :pepper: :ura1: :beerchug: :SHOCKED:

Keep a list of what they do and let all of us know. I'm interested in the clicking noise.
Update on Clicking Noise

Greetings all!

Well, according to the tech, there was a loose heat shield for the fuel line around the catalytic converter. He said he could actually hear it going forward and in reverse; however, they needed to listen close and without other noises around to hear it, but hear it they did.

Anyhow, I am back with my baby, and will check it out tomorrow (too late tonight)...they said that if it isn't to my liking, let them know and bring it in again...figured I would wait till I get my chrome wind deflector that I ordered (should be sometime in the coming week).

Also, I will get pictures of the new tonneau cover that I ordered. I like it; it is a bit short, but then realized that it cannot go all the way back since the back seats recline. At least it offers a bit more protection.

I did bring in the TSB's and asked if it was possible to check them out on a preventative measure basis, but the tech told me that they only work on these if the customer comes in with the issue. Fair enough - I did not pursue it.

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Hey Rich. I know you are relieved. It is best to get these things checked out and If all who post here does the same thing then we will all feel better and can actually approach the service manager with useful information that can get the job done faster and correctly. Thanks, David
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