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Dear Members,

due too some paint work on my nitro i had to replace some rivets and clips. For the rivets by the dealer here in Europe they charged me 3 dollars a piece. As Dutch as i am i thought it could be done cheaper.

Hereby what i found, and what is on it way , just in case of. Maybe it's helpful too others.

  1. Rivets
  2. Fender Clips
  3. Wheel Mud thing
  4. Bumper end clips
  5. Door panel retainers (uncertain, but always handy to have stock)

BTW, Didn't found the correct tool for the plastic rivets yet. An ordinary rivet tool does the job, but not very well. Also didn't found the oversized aluminium rivet at the end of the bumper jet, but the plastic ones also do the job, it hasn't got a lot of stress on it.


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Very nice! Glad you found what you needed. Just a quick note: If I decide to buy direct from China (which is rare!), I opt to use vs. AliExpress. DHG seems to have a better selection of items, and better pricing (in most cases) than AE. ;);)
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