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Nitro didn't want to start this morning. Cranked but sputtered and spit. Would stay running with slight throttle pedal but wouldn't rev or stay running if I let off. The red choke(I presume) light was on. After about 4 tries it fired and ran fine but now check engine light is on. Throwing P606 and P061c codes. Can't find much info on those two codes.I love the truck but geez...always something!

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P0606 = Internal ECM processor.
The PCM sees an internal failure to communicate with the ECM. Or the CMP(CAM) and CKP(Crank) Sensor count periods are too short. One trip fault. ETC light is flashing.
Check the cam and crank sensor wires, and connectors.

P061C = ETC level 2 rpm performance.
When the software sees the engine speed is implausible for a period of time. One trip fault. ETC lamp will flash.
Diagnose Camshaft Position and Crankshaft Position Sensor errors first.

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