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Considering the Nitro - some help please!

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Hi Guys,

I'm from Melbourne and currently drive a 300C with 22's, Magnaflow exhaust blah, blah, blah...........Love it.

My wife has fallen in love with the look of the Nitro and as they are so new over here, it would be great to get some feedback from Aussie owners and their experiences so far. We would be looking at the SXT with Luxury Pack and MyGig options.

My problem is convincing the better half to go with the diesel. She test drove it today and found it very noisy (the diesel clatter) and very sluggish off the line. She is convinced she only wants the petrol. However every review I have read says don't consider the petrol, the diesel is the definite better option.

I drove both the petrol and the diesel yesterday and found the diesel had heaps of grunt (although it is pretty noisy) and quite frankly I felt the petrol really struggles with the weight of the car and the 4 speed auto is just not up to the task. The 5 speed in the diesel is definitely the better gearbox (same as my 300C apparently).

I would really appreciate some honest feedback here guys, as owners are going to give an honest opinion. Don't hold back, I wanna know everything!! Convince me to buy her one of these things!:D

Thanks in anticipation and I look forward to your replies.


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I have the SXT Luxury 3.7Petrol and love it!! NO way id go a diesel now I have a few thousand km,s on my petrol, the motor has opened up and runs great...I can give it half throttle off the lights and look in my mirror and see the other cars 100mtrs behind me defiantly has ok grunt the more the motor opens up with km,s

The aussie nitros are basically the R/T without the 4.0ltr motor, they have the R/T interior, R/T suspension,wheels etc.

I must admit the interior is kinda plastic...very easy to scratch as i found out when installing my LCD screen, i actually also cracked the fascia around the im super annoyed that it cracked so easy.

The sunroof is awesome, the seat warmers are a gem...i go to the snow alot and the seat warmers are like drinking a beer on a hot summers day after mowing the lawn...JUST KICK ASS!

Plenty of room in the back seat and cargo area, the leather is ok..but creases addressing this problem with dodge...

The stereo is great, has great sound, clarity and bass and with the 6 disc DVD stacker and my LCD screen it is great!! (no pornos) lol

Ive tinted my windows with another 10% tint and you cant see in the windows at all..its great.

The continual questions from people and everyone taking photos of it is hell funny...ive never had a car like that apart from my

Anyway it is a great car and well worth the coin...I much prefer the many more mods and power options than the diesel.

Good luck with it...PM me if you want any more details ;)


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My CRD nitro avg 9.5l/100km after 2000km. I am getting used to the diesel engine and it does get a bit quieter once the engine beds in. It is not any noiser than say, fitting a louder exhaust pipe ;) Personally, I like the diesel sound and the torque. Plus, you get the Merc 5-speed auto with the CRD (Oz petrol Nitro uses 4-speed). And of course diesel engines last longer than petrol's and have better resale values :smileup:

BTW your wife will want to test drive it again to see if she's comfortable with the pedal, some people with shorter legs may find it a fair stretch and can get tired over long distances. If you move your seat closer, your knees knock against the lower console.
Hey tcrosses,
do the side steps take any weight or are they just for looks, would they help a little one get into the car. reason i ask is that its hard to tell the hight of the step in comparison to the actual step on the car.

Any help mate would be appricaited.
'Looks like they are designed to be stepped on mate, since they have the black rubber strips for stepping on.
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