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1: Nominations will last for the first half of the month and voting will go on for the second half of the month.

2. The person nominated can not have won the Nitro of the Month Competition in the past 12 months.

3. You can nominate up to two members for the contest. Don't nominate yourself, also asking to be nominated is prohibited.

4. Nominations need to be seconded to qualify for voting

5. Nominations should not only be based on how cool the members Nitro is, or how many mods they have. It should also be based on how much help the members have provided on the forum, how active they are, etc.

NO Attempting to Influence voters to a nominee will be permitted. This includes posts, signatures, and user titles telling users to vote for a specific user. Also, Solicitation of votes on other forums or having friends sign up to vote for you will disqualify you from this, and any future contest we run.
Should a member receive nominations or votes in the contest, and the members name has been mentioned on any other forum in a thread/post mentioning this contest, both the person mentioning the name and the member mentioned will be disqualified from the contest that month as well as all future months. No member is allowed to make a post that would indicate they are currently in an active contest. If staff deems the act as a malicious attempt on the part of the poster to cause a disqualification we will allow the contestant to remain in the running and the offending member will be banned.

7. The 5 nominees with the most votes at nomination closing will be moved into the voting gallery for a final vote count.

8. Nominees must have images uploaded to their member gallery prior to the contest month.

9. The winner will receive a special NOTM badge to sport by their user name. The winner must write a minimum 500+ word essay about their Dodge Nitro, (include an image of themselves) what it means to them, and what they think about the forum, its members, and how much fun they are having here! :pepper: :ura1: :999: :Banana01: (Or not having :( ) In which case we will have to

NOTM winners are not eligible to run for one year after their win.

11: In the event of a tie, the nominee with the most nominations of the tied contestants will be declared the winner.
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