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cop pulled me over for tail light out!

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So, a buddy of mine's truck gets broken into and he wants to leave it at my house, cause he lives in a sketchy part of Philly. He brings it over last night, and I'm driving him home at 2:30 AM. We get pulled over on I95 (not speeding), and the cop goes through the usual line of questioning (license,reg,insurance, you been drinking?, etc.) and he comes back after running my license and says "Put your foot on the brake" "now take it off". "You have a rear light out" "You should get that taken care of immediately". He said "no ticket, just be careful". We figured he was full of sh*t and was just breaking balls. Low and behold, my buddy looks when we parked and I did have a light out! I couldnt believe it.

So, today, I plan to replace it. I looked at the bulb and it didnt have that "blown" look, so I switched it with the one below it, tried the lights and it still doesnt work. I checked for power and compared everything to the other side and apparently, theres no power reaching the pin for the upper parking light bulb on the driver's side. I made sure it was nothing to do with my towing harness, I checked where the factory harness connects to the towing harness, and compared to passenger's power. So, either there's a wiring problem somewhere in the harness or the headlight switch is bad. Lucky me. Anyone else experience this?

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Thanks guys. I didnt check the fuses, but that sounds like a great place to start. I think the driver's side parking light feeds the trailer lights, so that could have caused the problem. Anyone know off hand where the fuse box is located? Thanks again.
Thanks guys, I'll check that first!
Bluebyu, thanks a million! It was a blown fuse. You saved me the aggravation of going to the dealer!!!:smileup:
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