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crd diesel severe droning noise

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hi to all diesel owners with auto transmition.
mine is suffering from a bad dronning noise when it is in drive at a stand still but as soon as i touch the throttle it totally dissapears .also when its driven a few miles the noise starts to diminish , when starting from cold temps the noise is more severe.the noise starts to appear also when comming to a stand still with no throttle at about 5mph. also if you nock it into neutral the noise dissapears i have sat in other nitros and it is not pressent.

my dealer is investigating this at the pressent and are changing the engine mounts but i think this originates from the transmition or torque converter,it seems to me it is labouring to much at idle causing this dronning noise.
is there anybody with this same problem or has any idea

any input will be appeciated:confused::confused::confused:
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hi sorry for not updating but they did sort it out,what they did was to loosen of all engine ,exaust,g/box mountings and let them settle then retorque,this sorted my droneing out.
this has made an unbelivable differance:smileup:
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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