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Cross Country Trip

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Just took my Nitro for it's first test. I drove it from San Diego, Ca to Ocean City, Md. About a 2800-2900 mile trip one way. Then I drove it back to San Diego. Now my Nitro can say it have been to both Oceans within three weeks. Then Atlantic and the Pacific...LoL. Anyways, i took I-40 across so I kept an average speed of 90 miles per hours. I had absolutely no problems out of this trip. I was caught in the rain, great driving on wet roads. As you know we don't get to much of that out here in San Diego. I got caught in really tough winds, and with my surprise, the Nitro wasn't pushed at all. You know how most SUVs are pushed with heave gust of winds. Gas milage was surprising too. It wasn't as bad as I thought, especially since I have 20 in chrome wheels and wider tires on mine. Umm the only BoBo that I can say I had is that when i was in Va, a misquito got in my Nitro and got on my arm. When i went to kill it, I kinda ran into one of them signs that they put up in the middle of the road to direct traffic...LoL Luckly other than a lil scratch on my rims. I can say, I got a lot of compliaments on my vehicle. Everyone was like, I never seen one of them like yours. With the rims on it and everything. Everywhere I stopped on the trip, I was catching all kind of attention. Well just wanted to put that out there. If anyone have any questions about the trip, let me know aight.....
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