Cylinder #s And P0305 3.7l

Discussion in '2010 Dodge Nitro' started by TTVert, Apr 6, 2017.

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    So I'm trying to help out a friend here so I don't have a service manual. I've looked around and found differing info on the cylinder numbering for the 3.7L. Most of what I read shows that cylinder 5 is the rearmost on the PS side, is this correct? Googling around a bit it seems this is a semi common issue on these cars. I checked the obvious. I have spark to the cylinder the plug looks good, the wire ohms out similar to other wires. My compression tester is MIA and I don't have a noid light for these injectors so I do not know if A. compression is good (it's there, just unsure how good yet) B. The injector is firing all the time. I did swap the plug from a known good cylinder (If i have the cylinder numbering down right) and the problem sticks w/ the cylinder.

    The problem seems as it may be intermittent (As my friend says it was fine for a while after I did what I did). I'm pondering swapping a few coils around and having her drive it a day or two as I've yet to duplicate the problem (I do see the code however) but are these two separate coils in the same housing or is one coil firing both cylinders? If the latter then I'd have two misfire codes if it was the coil I would assume.

    Anyone have any tidbits of wisdom on this 3.7? I'm not a dodge guy really and know nothing about any typical problems this engine may have. I doubt it's a fuel delivery problem (Pump/filter) as it's only one cylinder (Could be injector), I doubt it's a vacuum leak although it could be at the intake port I suppose but being intermittent I'm not thinking that. I'm skeptical it's a spark issue as I get strong spark to the plug. Ditto the wire. Is this intake oring sealed or paper gasket?

    My initial thought is an injector acting up but I'm definitely waiting w/ an open ear.

    Thanks guys


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