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Dash panel warped

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My dash panel, located just below the windshield, seems to be warped to the left and right of center. Has anyone else seen this on their Nitro? Could it be the heat here in Las Vegas causing it?
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My Chrysler 300C had a warped panel issue...they removed the dash and supposedly fixed it with some kind of kit. It fixed the warped problem but now my dashboard makes a horrendous rattling sound as if someone left a bucket of nuts and bolts in there. :i_rolleyes: I've had it in the shop probably 4 times for the rattles, but it always comes back again. Noisiest car I've ever owned or ridden in for that matter. I don't like reading issues like this...given my current situation, I really REALLY want my Nitro to be hassle free. :(

My brother in law just took his Nitro SXT into the shop to have the same issue you're having corrected. So far he says it's okay. It's probably just a loose clip...whatever you do, make sure they don't remove your entire dashboard. Best of luck, VegasNitro. Keep us posted!
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