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Dash panel warped

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My dash panel, located just below the windshield, seems to be warped to the left and right of center. Has anyone else seen this on their Nitro? Could it be the heat here in Las Vegas causing it?
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2 weeks after I drove away in mine, I noticed the panel that covers the pas air bag had a defect in the plastic molding. The small groove in the middle of the panel reflected light coming in from the back window in a strange way. Without lighting the area, you could see where the original seem had raised edges and an uneven surface all the way across from a/c vent to a/c vent. It took alot of arguing and about a month but the dealership finally came thru with a flawless replacement from the factory :) Having said that, ever since then the right corner of the dash rattles at about 30-40 miles an hour in the city or highway driving. First I thought it was cheap speaker up there maxing out or something, but it does it with the radio off too! Driving me crazy.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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