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    I really don't have a complaint against the dealership from when we bought our Nitro, just the sales hassel. Not to get in details about the personal stuff going on in our life with us at the time. We outgrew our 93 Suburban and wanted to downsize. (sometimes I wish I still had that tank. It was a sweet ride) The nitro ads caught our eye when they first came out in 2007. We had every intent to look at all the other brands of suv's, and I think Toyota was the first stop then Dodge was as far as we got. They had the fully loaded? I think it was anyway SLT, and we were pretty much sold, only my wife wanted a white one and we ended up with black. Their claim was that there were not any on the west coast or hardly anywhere, (something unbelievable like that.) Should've just said well we'll wait for a white one then and I wish we would have. You always have the option of walking out. Remember that. But like I said we had stuff going on.
    We were always treated fairly when it went in for service except one time during a oil change I asked if they could change out my burnt out tail light and they wanted to charge the time it took. Most of my other dealings it was a courtesy thing and just pay for the bulb. That turned me sour against that dealership and started using another one. But now with it being 10 years old I hardly take it to the dealer anymore.

    But my feeling is if you do buy a new vehicle you should use the dealer for your service needs at least for the first couple of years. For various reasons.
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