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Dealer Upset!!!

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I bought my Nitro a couple of months ago now and it seems it is in the shop more than I am driving it. :mad: I had a remote start installed about a month ago and ever since I have had nothing but electrical problems. My key remote to unlock doors doesn't work most of the time so I took it in and they said I'd have to wait for a recall. Has anyone else had a problem like this with the key? Also, I was driving down the highway and it just stopped dead. All power just turned off. I took it in and they again told me I'd have to wait for a recall, that they had no clue what was wrong. :4-jump2: So I am not happy that the remote start is acting up. It turns off and turns itself on every 1 to 2 minutes. I took it in and they "think" it is fixed, :thk: but I guess we will see. Anyone have any advise for me??? My hubby (who usually writes on here) just doesn't seem to be upset about it and I'm freaking out. I spent a lot of money on this vehicle and I am getting really &*$##@ that they just don't care. I need to know if there is someone in Canada here that knows if I can return this vehicle or demand that something actually be done. Sorry to complain so much but I just love my truck and want it to work like it should. :confused:

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Did you read this post in the Electrical Problems section? It's about Remote Start problems.
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