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Passenger side lifting

New rails!
Part #68032966-AB

Passenger side fixed (I hope)

Brand new center console
Part #5K541DV-AE

New boot design and zipper pull

Also replaced leaking molding around back window
Part #1JQ43RXF -AB x2

Finally got Blue fixed (except for the steering wheel because it wouldn't squeek for them!). Two weeks later, all new parts! The center console is a 2008 and sits a little bit higher than the '07 one did and the lid doesn't close easily but I can live with that. Also the rubber wrap on the lid isn't snug, moves around. I don't recall the lid on the '07 being loose like that. So now time will tell if the rails really are a new design and stay firmly attached to the roof!! My separation anxiety is now all better!:D

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took mine in 3 days ago boot broken already, roof rails are glued now as well as bolted. radio replaced now serious does not work. i can see why people head to the stuff from aisa. cliff
They are not fool proof I have heard horror stories about Honda and Toyota's :shakehead:

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They sure do, if you climb up ,you will see where the roof bars attach to the rails.
I see this rail lifting problem affects R.H.D. southern hemi-sphere vehicles too.
My Nitro has roof bars fitted, but no lifting roof rails yet.

cheers Robert
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