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What makes the new musclecars look the part?

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"Referencing his company's ready-in-2008 Dodge Challenger, Tremont says, "The proportions are different on the Challenger. The front wheels are thrusted forward and the cab sits rearward on the body. This is really traditional iconography, and it's become a historic, almost animated proportion. It kind of looks like the car has accelerated so quickly that the cabin has slid back in the body. And then there are those chopped tops - the upper portion of the body is kind of sneaky looking, because you're sitting so low in the body."

For the 2008 Challenger, these traditional muscle-car cues were executed in a modern manner, updated by pressing the wheels more out to the corners, and the outside of the fenders -- a significant design spin on the original. When pressed about whether the 2008 Challenger's design is too literal an interpretation of the original, Tremont smiles and retorts, "You look at those two cars side by side and see how completely different they are. Those who think they're clones will quickly see that their minds have fooled them."

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