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Do it yourself AC

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My AC isn't working and was told by a mechanic that if I dud the "Do it yourself" AC fixer there us a chance I'll break something else or make it worse. Should I listen? Side note, this mechanic was recently visited by the IRS and so that is why I'm questioning.
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Scotty explains it very well.

If you want to DIY it, it's easy, just don't do it with the cheapo cans like he shows.
  • go rent or buy a gauge set
  • go rent or buy an vacuum pump
  • go buy a couple regular cans of R134a--not the ones w/the hose and gauge, just the bare cans

- go to a mechanic and have them reclaim your system--probably be free since they get to keep the refrigerant

At home:
  • hook up your gauge set and then your vacuum pump to that
  • run it for 45-60 minutes
  • turn on your engine and set your a/c to high
  • then hook up your can(s) to fill it while it's running

You can either use a gram scale to measure the can as it drains, or (IMO most accurate) google search a refrigerant pressure chart and just fill it until the high side gauge reads correctly for your current ambient temperature.

Using this method you make sure not to introduce any air (moisture) into the system and you get an accurate amount in.

I used the high side gauge and pressure/temp chart method and mine cools good as new.
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A/C is a closed system. If it's "not working" because you have low refrigerant, that means you have a leak somewhere. If you don't fix the leak, you won't be able to pull a vacuum, and all your refrigerant will leak out again.

But yes, you can refill it again by yourself. You can get fairly cheap gauges and a vacuum from Amazon or Harbor Freight.
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I have used the cheap Super Tech 12oz freon cans for about $10 without any issue. They are self sealing - the EZ Chill hose works perfectly with these cans. My Nitro gets very cold…about 40 degrees…around noon…in July.

There’s lots of good info on YouTube. Be safe and wear rubber gloves and safety glasses.
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