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I own a Dodge Nitro diesel 2.8 CRD 2008.
I replace the fuel pump in the tank, the old pump has the N° 52129207AC and the new pump carries the N°68004113AA.
The old pump had 2 hoses : supply and return hoses, the new pump has only one supply hose.
Can you help me please and tell me where we need to connect the return hose to the tank.

Thank you very much

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Welcome to the forum jindriska1quadrajeep. When you have a chance, head over to the Newbie Section and say "Hi".
Tell us a little about yourself and your ride.
That way we can welcome you all proper like.

It sounds like the new pump you received is either marked wrong or has the wrong top on it.
68004113AA is what I show listed in the parts manuals.
If you google that part # you will see they all have 2 hose connections on the top.
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