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I have been experiencing central locking issues on and off in my Dodge Nitro 2007 SXT for about 24 months. Some days the fob will lock/unlock it perfectly and other days there's no chance.
Having an Australian model that was converted from a US model is a nightmare too because they didn't bother to change the keyhole from the passenger side to the driver's so if I manually unlock the door with the key it sets the alarm off and I have to jump over and quickly get the key in the ignition. I have also noticed this central locking issues seems to be weather related, particularly cold weather for me is worst but I have seen some people saying that hot weather affects their Nitros too.
I thought it may have just been the fob going flat but while sitting in the drivers seat the other day with the door open I repeatedly locked and unlocked the door until the issue occured (which only took about 3 clicks) and it was at this point I noticed that not only was the fob non responsive but so was the actual lock/unlock button on the door control, no matter how many times I pushed it it did absolutely nothing. I have also noticed occasionally that when pressing the unlock button it will actually sound the horn, this is less common but still happens more than I'd like it too.
I like many others am pretty desperate to fix this issue as I currently have to leave my car completely unlocked or go through the embarrassment of setting off the alarm and climbing over the passenger seat, there's gotta be a clear fix for this.
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