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I took my 2010 Dodge Nitro SE to Valvoline for a routine Coolant Flush.
They failed to burp or bleed any air.
30 minutes later/temp gauge up/boiling coolant in rez/pushing hot air/etc…

Tried to get them to resolve issue.
Like pulling teeth.
Video taped much of it.

Finally they kept the reflush appt I had insisted on…somehow they Made it worse…
As I drove across the street and put the vehicle in park…within 5 minutes temp gauge skyrocketed …steam…smell of burning coolant…etc…pushing hot air when AC was on.

I had the dodge checked for leaks and
at another shop…and none…had another shop replace the thermostat and when I left that Firestone lot the gauge went up and the AC pushed hot air…

The fan was found to be inconsistent …
And before a road trip which I just canceled a Firestone tech rigged a toggle switch to the fan instructing me to leave it on.

drove out of that lot with that toggle and thus radiator fan on…and with the new thermostat and no leaks…
And at the first stop light (15 yards away) I waited at the red light and the temperature gauge climbed higher than before and the AC pushed hotter air…

strangely I’ve had no check engine light or codes…

I bought a new oem radiator cap and that too didn’t help.

I personally burped and bled the system and that didn’t help.

i have video and photos…

this seems to be an escalating issue…

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It definitely sounds like you have trapped air. The fan not always coming on is a symptom. If air is around the sensor it doesn't get the proper heat transfer to activate it. I would check for any small vent lines that could trap air between the engine and radiator or radiator and the fill tank. I will look on my truck tomorrow.
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