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Hi all i'm from ireland and looking for some help/guidance.
there are no main dodge dealers in ireland now and i bought a 2008 nitro 2.8 diesel in september '13.
Since may of this year (2014) i seem to have a problem with the fuel injectors that i cannot figure out. the engine warning light comes on and then the engine shuts off. after a couple of starts and revving the engine the motor starts again and everything is fine but the engine warning light still remains on. after a day or two the engine light goes off and stays off for a number of days but then the entire process starts again. i ran the diagnostics with a mechanic and it is shown faults on the injectors. sometimes all 4 injectors are coming up with a fault, sometimes just one, two etc etc. the injectors were cleaned, opened, reinstalled etc but to no success with this problem.
if someone has an idea or any help it will really be appreciated.

many thanks from a proud dodge nitro owner from dublin, ireland.
Hi look to see if it's not the fuel relay or fuel filter clean the fuel cap some times will not seal this will put the car into lip mod , you could also reset the computer .
1 - 1 of 17 Posts