Mileage:117008 M
So i took good care of this truck tires have low what, engine had 7k miles on it as i had to replace it after a deer beat me up... Then i had to deal with a personal issue and left it at friends house while I dealt with it, relatively shortly after that he had to deal with the same issue . What i do know, the front clip on the passenger side is broken ,gas tank is crushed fuel pump is not functioning / damage engine transfer case transaxle have 7000 miles on them since uncrating the engine everything else has 117,000 ,I'm second owner
Engine and transaxle/transfer case replaced 6/2017 that was 5600
But due to situation need to sale unwilling to part per say since I can't store 4000 is it firm but, ANY REASONABLE OFFER IS CONSIDERED
Oklahoma title and registration
No leins, loans or mechanic holds

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