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I own a 2010 Nitro. A couple of months ago, a gust of wind caught my driver side door and flung it open hard. The hinge over extended, rolled past the divoted stop and dented the area on the inner upright floor casing which used to keep the hinge in it's proper range of operation. The result is now every time the door is opened to the most open position, the rollers go past the stop and I need a crowbar to free it and close the door.
I've envisioned a couple of means to fix this but none of them seem easy. Grinding a new seat deeper into the notched plate is a possibility but the angle of attack is prohibitive. Welding a piece over the dent may work also.
My question is... Has anyone else encountered this flaw and if so, what did you do to remedy it?
Thanks from the Land 'O' Flakes,
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