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Hi guys, ok so yesterday i went to get in the nitro, it was very cold and the car was white with ice, so i blipped the button to unlock, all the buttons popped up and i tried to open the drivers door, but with no joy, ahhhh frozen shut, i thought, so round to the passenger side and it opened no problem,
in i got, climbed over to the drivers seat (not an easy task in a nitro) and tried the door from inside, with a pull of the handle and i bang on the inside of the door, but still nothing.
so i drove the car to work, with the heaters on full for about half an hour, got there and still stuck shut, climbed over to the passenger side to get out, and left the car sitting in the winter sun all day,when i finished work i thought, ok it will open, but guess what :i_rolleyes: still stuck solid.
ok, so what now, i put the car in a heated garage over night, tried it today, and still nothing.
so a phone call to dodge, and a few hours later they have the car.
but they are not looking at it till tomorrow, but the guy in the office did say that the dead lock can jam on...... and there was a procedure to get it off without stripping the door down :thk:

does or has anyone else heard of this?????
sorry for the long post but i was bored and wanted a good old rant :D

i will keep you all updated when i get it back...
i might even find out what the procedure he was talking about is :confused:

oh i did also ask them to look at a misting up front fog light, and the hand brake gaiter is burst ( so we will see what they say about that too)
oh and the electric cooling fan has a mind of its own, it comes on and off for no reason.

This has happened twice to me - just undo the plug/wires on battery and it resets and door opens !!
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