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Dual Exhaust for a R/T?

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Does anyone know if Gibson, Flowmaster, Magnaflow, or anybody else in the muffler bus. offers a dual exhaust cat back exhaust system for the R/T:cool: ?
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I don't think anyone offers ANY exhaust for the R/T yet, much less a dual.
There have been issues getting a dual exhaust on the 3.7 liter Nitros due to the spare tire under the back. Might be tough with the 4.0 too.
Hehe, then theres the exception to the rule. Les' dual exhaust looks great. And I'm sure at least 1/2 of it improves how the V6 runs! ;)
I drove the R/T by my favorite exhaust shop today and talked to their lead.

There are a ton of single in dual out mufflers on the market. He looked up under the Nitro and we talked about getting a crossover behind the tire, just to the rear of the suspension bits. He thinks he can do it. It will have to be mounted low, but not as low as the bottom of the differential. We let the spare down about 6 inches and it develops plenty of slack on it's way down to be able to lift it from over a crossover pipe. The only thing I may have to do is wrap the crossover in the middle near the tire so the tire doesn't get too hot. So, I think tomorrow I'll take the day off and spend it at the exhaust shop. He told me we can try different mufflers until I find one with the sound I like. If I can get this done, of course there will be photos in my mods and add-ons thread.
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Let me know HV I want the same thing on my R/T
Please let me know also, I have been looking for a cat back dual system from the day I picked my RT up.:loser1:
Flowmaster Dual Exhaust

For those of you that missed it, I added a single-in dual-out Flowmaster with dual tailpipes about three weeks ago. Here is the post.
Hey HV,
In another thread you mentioned a loss of mileage after installing a CAI. Is it possible thats because you couldn't keep your foot out of it?
And any idea what the exhaust did for your mileage?
After the exhaust upgrade, I think MPG actually improved about 3/4 to 1 mpg. However, I think the CAI took all that away and more. I am not sure if my engine has ever recovered from the CAI. Does anyone know (Nitro Tech) if the small electronic sensor in the intake near the throttle body is the mass airflow sensor? If I got oil on it what would happen, and is there any way to clean it or do I just need to replace it. It does bug me that my mileage went down when others say they have seen an increase.

A side note for mileage. When I first got my Nitro, it was getting about 19 mpg around town. A week later, I took a 375 mile round trip on the interstate. That pushed the MPG up to about 23 mpg. Afterward and since that time all my mileage has been around town driving, now approx. 1,600 miles total. It was in that second week of ownership that I had the exhaust installed. For the remainder of the week afterward, I still saw city mpg around 19. The next weekend was when I got the bright idea to install the CAI. For that next week, I checked mileage daily, with each day getting slightly worse, down to a low just under 15 mpg. The next weekend, I put the stock air-box back on and the mileage rebounded to about 18 mpg. I can't get it back to 19 mpg and I am very conscious of my driving habits.

The engine runs absolutely great. One thing I did notice immediately upon reinstalling the stock air-box. The engine surge at cold start up was back. I had not noticed that it was gone completely with the CAI installed. I miss this with the CAI. With the stock air-box I have to let the engine idle down before dropping it into reverse, otherwise I get an rpm surge and the vehicle will lurch backward. This is not defect. I realize what is happening when the engine is cold, the computer is requesting a specific fuel/air mix. With the stock air-box, the rpm has to increase to about 1300 rpm to satisfy these requirements. With the CAI installed, the engine did not have to rev up past 1000 rpm to satisfy the oxygen side of the fuel/air mix so this eliminated the surge on cold start and the subsequent lurch if dropped into gear too soon.
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