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For those of you in Houston who want to upgrade their exhaust system, I just had mine done by Mayco Performance Exhaust on Bellaire using the photos posted by High Voltage Nitro. It took them from 10:30 am to 6:30pm to get it right but they are over the learning curve now so the next one should be a snap. The cost was $360 using a Model 40 Flowmaster and a pair of nice SS dual wall tips. If you go ask for Steve and he will make sure it is done right

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I have a hitch receiver on mine. No problem. Doesn't conflict at all. Just make sure that whenever this is added to any Nitro that the crossover on the driver's side is clear of the sway bar link on the driver's side. There is enough room in front of the link for the crossover, but it has to be bent just so. Good luck. Mine could have been farther away and sometimes when I hit a really deep depression it will bump slightly on that side. So far, not enough to even dent it though, and I go over some pretty rough stuff.
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