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Eastern Shore of Maryland Nitro Owner

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Are there any other Nitro owners in the Salisbury, MD area? I've had mine for over 3 months and to date I've seen only 1 other Nitro (a red one). If you have one and you live on the Eastern Shore of MD please let me know so that I don't feel so alone.:Racing:
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Don't worry, you won't be alone very long. At last look there were 5 on the lot here in Rockingham. I bought the first one and still haven't seen any on the road in all my travels. Just on the lots. Can't imagine why they aren't selling. I guess after the holidays things are slow and may pick up later.
I bought the first one also, it wasn't even dealer prepped when I got it, that's how new it was. 19 Miles on it.
I'm starting to see more and more Nitros in our Nations Capital, which has to be somewhere near Eastern Shore of Maryland! I'm not entirely sure I'm still relatively new to the DC area:D
You're only 30 miles from the Bay Bridge, I'm 30 miles from Ocean City and Assateague. You should bring yours to the beach this year and test out the four-wheel drive.:D
I spotted another black Nitro just yesterday driving South on Rt. 13 in Salisbury, MD. Thought I was looking at my twin. That now makes 4 Nitros that I've seen in a 30 mile radius in 4 months. I am no longer alone.:Racing:

I just saw that Black One again today, this time the driver seen me too and looked shocked. I spotted an electric blue one in the Walmart Parking lot on January 25th, I waived and the driver was appeared stunned to see another Nitro on the street. I guess that I'm the "old man" on the the street and I am no longer alone in Salisbury.
We have a silver SLT on order, so should be seeing more around the area.
Howdy. Can't say I am on the shore anywhere. I am in Balimore. I have seen one other red Nitro like myself. At my daughters preschool there is another parent driving an Orange one.
Just got ours

Hello everyone, My wife and I just took delivery of our black slt nitro this morning, we live in Dorchester Co. I didn't even know these cars ever exsited until we went to the dealership, we where going to buy a Grand Cherokee, but when I saw the nitro that was it were getting this car end of story. I am just letting everybody know who are nitro owners on the eastern shore you have company.
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