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Emergency lights on Nitro...Help needed.

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Just wondering if anyone has installed any aftermarket lights on their Nitro?
I am adding LED flashers to the front and rear of my Nitro. I would like to wire them into the emerg. flasher switch. Any ideas about the wiring would be greatly appreciated.
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Emerency lights / Equipment

I have done minimal to my Nitro Emergency response-wise. This is mostly because it just doesn't have the space my last two vehicles have had. I only need the emergency equipment in extreme circumstances as I have a response/command vehicle already assigned to me. (Murphey's law though: the farther you are away from your response vehicle the greater the likelihood you'll have to respond back for it).

I have a headliner LED mini lightbar inside the windshield above the mirror and I have a strobe pack that I put into the tail lights and head lights. It was a bit tricky wiring past the side curtain airbags on the A-post but was no problem. I'd just suggest disconnecting the battery first to avoid accidental deployment.

The strobe pack was tough to figure out because I didn't want everybody to look into the clear headlights and see the strobe bulb in there. I eventually chose to put them on the inside edge of the headlights. As for the tail lights, this was a bit tricky for a couple of reasons. Although the tail lights come right out, the inner molding of the housing for the 3 different lights makes it tough to find just the right location to drill through. I chose the top of the center molding and removed the inner light bulb bar when I did the install then replaced when done. I placed the strobe pack under my driver's seat.

The only other equipment I have added is a Quad band radio and 3 watt cell phone booster mounted under the passenger seat. the control head for the radio I mounted to the inside of the center shelf on top of the dash. I removed the rubber mounting cup and did my drill there then replaced it so it's asethetically pleasing. I also mounted an external speaker down by my lower switches on the center console.

Hope this information helps. I mostly went with the equipment I had on hand instead of doing a whole new purchase. Had I chose to purchase all new equipment, I would have definately gone all LED like I have on my command car.
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Thanks! You gave me some good ideas.
I just finished putting 2 TIR3 Whelen lights on the front grill and a 12" Whelen stick on the lic. plate frame(good spot and didn't have to drill into anything).
I put the switch inside the little storage box on the left side of the stearing wheel. Looks pretty cool and I can take it all out and no one will ever know it was there. Oh I also put DOT reflective tape on the inside of the door seals and tail hatch so that it can be seen only when the door is open on scene.
Thanks again for the info.
Extra switches

I currently have the SXT and don't have the bun-warmers. I was wondering if anybody knew if there is a stock switch for those locations where I could put the switch for my emergency lights.
I put the main switch for my emergency lights inside the handly little compartment, just left of the steering wheel.
Hope that helps,
I am going to try an LED package soon so I will let you know how it turns out but a question first. When you were in the A pillar and others did you notice if it were possible to mount OH-S**T-handles over the driver and passenger doors?
No, I didn't get a good look at that.
I ran my wires up under the plastic rocker panels from the rear to the front. The hardest part was going from the rear hatch back into the body.
I will try and get some night time pic's posted in the next few days of the lights on the front and back. You can see them in the day light on my profile pictures.
Let me know if you need any help,
My main concern is running into the air bag system when I drill/secure them. I am still deciding if this is something that I really want to do.
Emergency lights

hey guys the best light for the back if you want is the whallen slim bar the new style its about 250 depending on what color leds you get. they work very well if u have the high tint. also it is very easy to put hide-aways in the tail lights. also as it goes for the dash led lights the best thing is to just run it down by the door and go above where your feet go to the 12v outlet is. theres almost like a spot for it. also a great spot for a external swich is on on the left side of where your feet go as a driver. i have mine there for my back lights and its perfect.

Ps if you do want to put hide-aways in your tail lights just pop off those 2 blk plastic caps and the light comes out. and a great place to put the box is where the jack is.
6speedr - I don't know as I'd mess with putting handles into the A-pillars. There was too much stuff up there with the airbags. I felt safe running my wires on my headliner LED through there as long as they didn't impede deployment. I feel handles, on the other hand, would impede that. Part of why I bought the car was because of those safety features. I don't want to lose that.
BLK - I too put strobe hideaways into my tail lights and head lights. The tail lights were very easy to remove and so were the interior trim panels to run my wiring. I literaly feel this car was made for modifying. Anybody notice the rather large firewall grommet on the driver's side allowing for easy installation of power wires into the engine compartment? Great for radios, power, and antenna wires. Also large and easy to find.

As for the Whelen slim bar, I may look into that however mine is not a normal response rig and my thought was to add a few low cost features. I have a command tahoe provided by the county that darkens the driveway for responses. I just don't always take the "Billboard" so did this minor stuff to curb the Murphy's law effect.

hey wat i did with my switch i i ran wire from the back to the front threw the floor on the drivers side. just lift up the plastic parts with a screwdriver and ur set. very easy to do.
Hi, could you please send a pic of your install and complete setup? sounds like you did a great job hope I may see it. Thanks
I didn't take any pic's of my install. But I did the same thing, ran the wires under the plastic trim pieces where they meet the carpet. Very easy.
I cut a hole inside the plastic storage bin just left of the driver and mounted my switch in there, so no one could see it. I think there is a pic of that on my profile pics. In a push button switch, but would probably do a lighted rocker if I were to do it again.
Also, mine has the Whelen TIR3's mounted to the grill with no bezels, so they blend in very well. On the rear, I have a Whelen mini light stick mounted to the lic. plate frame. That really blends in and no wires can be seen at all. Let me know if you want more pics that you see on my profile.
Good luck!!

ill try to take some pix. also i have a quick 2 Q. 1 is if you put grill lights in r they visible through the stock grill and 2 how do u run the wires from the front to the inside. i dont no how to run the wires through. is there a hole or somthing i could go through.. thankkkss
I tried putting them behind the grill, but it cut down to much of the light. So I mounted them on the outside in the top corner of the grill. There is a plastic piece behind that area, so using some 2.5" screws it was easy to mount them.
As far as the wires, Dodge put a nice rubber grommet below the brake master in the engine compartment. I punched a small hole in it and ran the wires through to the inside of the car and to the switch.
Hope that helps so more!!
Any chance anyone can post any pictures of their Emergency Lights setup or how it looks.


Medic Florida
I haven't followed this thread much for some reason but I'll add to a couple of the last posts.

Joners, mine are VERY visible behind the grill but only because they are 70W strobes.

Also That big grommet? I felt like this car was designed for me to add al of my stuff through. The coax for the radio antenna, multiple power and ground cables for the radio, cell phone booster, additional DC plugs I put in, and the emergency lights power cable, lastly the strobe cables, all went through that large grommet.

Orlando, I'll send you a private msg so I can send you the avi I have of mine in action, I don't have a way to post it here.
Hey streetdancer if you could send me that video i would like to see your grill lights in action. i was thinking about getting the whelen t3... like about 60 bucks or sum for each not sure and puting them near my licence plate.. well if you can send me that video that would help me alot.
thanks in advance

headlight flashers

i wanted to know if anyone has put a headlight flasher in there truck yet... If so was it easy to install.. or is it possible to put a flasher in the fog lights..

Thanks in advance..:wavey: :4-jump2: :4-jump2:
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