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So, I joined this forum looking for help. My car has recently started shaking, yesterday, and today it did it again, but this time the engine light started blinking with it. Any ideas?

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Hello and welcome Krranine,
to the Nitro “Z” family!
3.7? When were the plugs last changed? 3.7 requires a change every 30k. FO NOT USE Platinum plus in the 3.7! Cheap plugs are what they are designed to run best on. NGK/ ZFR6F-11G or equivalent, Gap 0.043".
Also if you go to your local auto parts store they usually will check for codes for free.
Once you get a code post it into a thread in the electrical problems section and we will go from there.

I'm looking forward to your future posts & Pics. We love Pics here!
We also like new Mod ideas.

Enjoy the forumZ.

If you go to your personal-details and fill in the Vehicle: info about your rig, the easier it will be for us to answer questions down the road, without us having to ask a bunch of questions.

As you can see at the left of every post I make;
This is what I drive:
Vehicle: 07 Lifted,4X4,6sp-man,3.7L
Trim: SXT
Color: Light Khaki Metallic
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