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Hi, today I replaced my clockspring in my 07 Nitro R/T with one from ebay. (I've had an airbag light on for a while hence replacing the clockspring) After replacing the clockspring and reassembling the trim and steering wheel, I took it for a short test drive around the block. As soon I left my parking lot, the ESP BAS light along with the ESP light (the one with the car with skid marks) came on and ESP was activated even though I wasn't on a slippery surface. I also noticed that my steering wheel was off by quite a bit. I came back home and tried doing a steering angle sensor calibration. (Yanking the wheel all the way to the right, centering it and then to left and turning off the engine) No cigar. I'm left wondering I bought the wrong clockspring, installed it incorrectly, or did the calibration wrong. Do you guys have any insight into I did wrong here?
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