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Exhaust tip locations

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Hey all I have been thinking about doing some unique tip locations and well I looked under my Nitro to notice that the underside is well really different from my '98 Ram SS/T. So I come to you guys in helping me out. I was thinking about doing some side exit tips (like the mustangs I believe they are either a rousch or saleen) one on each side exiting right before the rear tires. When I looked underneath I noticed that the frame has some kind of panel that extends all the way to the body. What is that thing? Can I put a hole in it to have the exhaust pipe come through it? My second thought was in the rear. 2 tips kinda like the SRT 8 Grand Cherokee. That piece on the rear bumper cover I know its removed for the tow hitch on some models but since I don't have one its there. When I looked under I noticed that my spare is literally inches away from that. Now I know if I wanna do that I have to ditch the spare, which I don't want to do at this exact moment but was wondering if that little piece popped out or if it needed to be cut.
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Odd, I was thinking the same thing last night about the exhaust kinda like the SRT-8 or dual tips similar to the Dodge Ram SRT10. Not a big fan of side exit tips similar to the mustang or lightning. I have a gut feeling a passenger would put a shin into the tips giving a couple of nice crescent moon burns on the shin. I wish there were more option to go with. I would love to go with dual tips and KEEP the spare. If a roof rack becomes available or custom fab one where I can bolt the spare rim on to I would love that. A dual exit exhaust in back of the rear tires similar to the escalade would be cool too. I think I might go with the Ram SRT10 style with the style of the older dual tips like the Mercedes S series. I will get some pictures up tonight or tomorrow !!
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