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Hello Forum! First post so I hope I am doing this right!

Posting for my husband who is really good with cars, for the most part, until the Nitro! Ugh... frustration! Here is the run down, and he is at a loss as to what to do now and my poor Nitro sits. :(

2007 SLT 106,003 miles:
A/C Compressor was replaced 4 months ago
Radiator Fan and Motor were replaced 8 months ago
Coolant Thermo Switch replaced when it recently broke:

Car overheated on freeway... was smoking (or steaming) I was driving not my husband. Towed it home. Scott figured it was steam from a blown hose but realized the fan was not working. Nitro was running with A/C on at time of overheating and fan apparently wasn't working and it boiled the Freon and it blew... under the hood. He charged the A/C and replaced the Thermo Switch. Did not fix the problem!
Still no power to the fan fuses and relay seem fine unless he is missing something. (his words). Any words of wisdom out there... ? Thank you!

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Hi and welcome,

i was good with cars until the Nitro, thats because everything electrical runs through the TIPM ( Totally Integrated Power Module ) basicly a fuse box with a computer attached underneath. most cars have them these days so don't blame the Nitro, blame computers.
anyway to keep things simple the cooling fan is a 2 speed fan, normal speed which runs with engine temperature, and high speed which runs with the A/C .

check fuses J19 and M34.
is the engine coolant thermostat OK, also was the engine temperture gauge reading high when you last drove your Nitro.

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First try disconnecting the Neg(-) battery cable for 10 minutes. This will reset the computers.
I'm a little confused. Did the A/C line blow, or was it a engine coolant hose which blew?
The high speed fan relay is located right front next to, and inboard of the headlight.
But use caution when in that area. Right next to the relay is an impact sensor.

1 = airbag impact sensor. 2 = fan relay connector.

Before doing any work on the Nitro, disconnect the Neg (-) battery cable and wait 10 minutes!
This will allow time for the airbag capacitors to discharge.
You don't want to have your airbags go off accidentally.
It has already happened to a few members here...
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