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NC Nitro Fans,

Here are some pictures of the cruise-in at Andy's tonight.

Terry you missed some cool cars by leaving early, but I am sure you had a great steak in Apex.

The White Nitro is 2KoolRT (Terry) and the black one is mine. The bronze Mopar is my neighbor Pete's 70 440 6pack Roadrunner. Also the red Crossfire is Terry's other ride.

Our Nitros look good next to these classic rods--- new meets old.

Though tough to choose, my personal favorites here are the red 39 Ford (yes this one acutally has a Ford motor) and the '71 Monte with a ZZ4 Crate engine..

Too bad this is the last one for the year. The weather is actually better for a cruise now. I guess we need to take it on our own to continue at Andy's.

PS let's see more Nitro's down here Guys/Gals.



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