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Hello everyone! I narrowed my new vehicle choice down to the Mazda CX-7 and the Nitro R/T. I test drove the Mazda and loved it but it felt too slow for me. I then test drove a Nitro SLT with a 3.7 (they didnt have any R/T's available) and it felt even slower. Please keep in mind that I currently own a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited w/ 4.7 V8 so I guess you can say I am spoiled from the V8 power. I really need to hear from some folks that can compare the Nitro 4.0 motor to my 4.7 V8. My current motor has 235hp and 295 torque. The 4.0 has 260hp and 265 torque so I dont know if it will feel the same as my V8. I have researched the 0-60 times and they are very close but then again, so did the mazda and I wasnt impressed. I can handle having the same performance but I do not want to go backwards. I really appreciate any feedback on this matter. Thank you
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