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This cost me about $130 and is my very first mod so far. My profile pic says it all, im still all stock on the outside. Anyways, I decided to go with a two-chamber 40 series muffler and then dump it after one foot up pipe. This makes the sound resonate against the ground and gives a nice low tone and cruising speeds. Its probably too loud for most folks, with the windows up you can hear it clearly, like a low rumble. I love it, if someone comes over in my lane too close, I can tap the exhaust a little and they will know Im there!
As fas as performance goes, I would imagine I gained 5-6 hp :Racing:I mainly got it for the sound though.
Future mods for me are a custom intake box, im going to cleanly hack up the stock filter box in an attempt to create a cold intake with a stock model K&N element. Ill post some pics. Also, a 3" lift and some wrangler mtr tires, research tells me the same mtr's that come on the rubicons would work just fine on the nitro's stock 17's. (If anyone is looking to get rid of their stock chrome 17's for cheap, email me!)
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