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For A/T Owners - When do you manually shift?

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For those with automatic transmissions, when you do manually shift? I've been tinkering with shifting into different gears depending on the circumstances and haven't found anything useful yet. I used to use the "O/D Off" on my Focus all the time but I'm trying to get something worked out with the Nitro.
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The tow/haul button disables 4th gear or overdrive in the Nitros with the 3.7 engines.
The only time I manually shift is if I'm towing up or down a hill.
Downshifting to 2nd at 50 mph would be turning some RPMs, ie; 5000 or more. And the systems threshold is somewhere in there, which means it won't do it. Just turning the Tow/Haul off, which drops it from 4th to 3rd, makes it jump to 3500 RPMs or so.

Our Pacifica has the auto stick option & frankly it's stupid. I've used it trying to be "sporty" & the bottom line is your still driving a station wagon & there isn't anything sporty about it. It does some good when towing though, especially thru long mountain passes. We pulled a boat from Minnesota to Washington last summer & used it a lot.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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