Mileage:150000 M
Engine:4.0L V6
I've bought another car, so it's time to let my 2007 Nitro R/T 4x4 go. The engine runs great and has always been well maintained, but I've never been able to track down my electrical problem, which has gotten worse and the car is basically unusable at this point, because there is no telling when the electrical problem will crop up and send the Nitro into "Limp Home Mode". When that isn't happening, it runs fantastic and I love the car, which is why I've kept it so long, hoping that I, or some mechanic, could figure out what the problem is and fix it. I suspect it is a grounding problem, but can't verify that. I've replaced the TIPM twice or three times, and the last time sent my TIPM to a company in the midwest for repair, only to have them send it back because it worked fine in their Nitro and they couldn't find any fault in it. The dealership of course only wants to replace the TIPM again, as a first step toward trying to diagnose the problem, so I gave up on getting it fixed at the dealership long ago. If you have a Nitro that needs a good engine and/or transmission, or if you have a Nitro and just want to buy this for parts, because Nitro parts are becoming hard to find, then contact me, but I won't part out the car and you have to buy the whole thing and take it away as one piece, then do the parting out at your place. The location comes up incorrectly when I put in my zip code, and the Nitro is located near Weed, CA, which is just North of Mt. Shasta, CA. Leather interior w/ heated front seats are in good condition with red embroidered R/T. Tires are 70% used. Has 6-CD entertainment system with remote and wireless headphones & flip down display for rear seat. Exterior is Silver and has several dents in front & rear bumpers, plus driver's side front door and left front quarter panel. Open to serious offers and might trade for other vehicle, project car, or what ever.