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1. Post pics if at all possible!
2. Post Asking Price or BIN Price.
3. No Auctions allowed!
4. Do NOT bash another members thread. If you don't like the price, keep it to yourself. No one want's to hear what you think they should ask for their stuff!
5. If you have no intention of buying, don't reply to the thread unless you have something nice to say.
6. Breaking Rules 3, 4, or 5 will get you an infraction. The forum is set to auto ban at 3 infractions. You have been warned.
7. Use the thread prefixes!
9. Ebay Auctions - We do not host auctions on this site. Private individuals may link their personal single-item auctions though. No commercial auctions are allowed.

Keep it Real, Keep it Clean, Keep it REAL CLEAN!

More plea's for a good for sale environment:
1. In the SUBJECT line of your post, please start all postings with WTB/WTS/WTT/FS, and the location of the item, so other members know what your intentions are and where the item is located if pickup is the only option.
2. Please post full information of your item for sale in your posting, do not link to ebay/craigslist/, etc, if any of those sites or links go down you will loose visibility of your item, if you want to participate take the time to copy and paste it here.
3. "Bumping" and "relisting" rules. You can push your thread up (bump) no more then 10 times total. Bumps MUST be at least 8 hours apart! Once a thread is dead you can relist it in 15 days from the day you posted your item the first time (or the date of the last bump at moderators discretion depending on bump frequency). You can relist your item 3 times total. After that you must sell it elsewhere.
4. No "services" allowed unless authorized by the Administrator. (ex. I can build xxx for you @ xxx each).
5. Please limit 'chit chat' in the classified forums to questions and responses about the item being sold.
6. Calling dibs means absolutely nothing. Who gets the item is the seller's discretion as long as they are not running an auction-style sale. They can reject low offers or even at-asking-price offers based on a number of parameters including prior experience, local buyers, etc.
7. No 'testing the waters' or 'possibly for sale' posts. Either you're selling the item or you're not. If you're not sure, don't post it here until you are ready. Please do your research on your asking price before posting the item for sale.
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