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Hello my Nitro friends,

I may have asked this question before but is it possible to get the Nitro stickers and T-shirts in the UK or Europe for that matter.

I would like to be loud and proud for the forum but obviously need the stickers etc... If the answer to the question is already posted somewhere then I apologise...

If the answer to the question is no then could I get some ordered and sent to my cousin in Simi Valley - He is coming over in a couple of weeks and has asked if I need anything bringing over...:smileup:

If the answer is still no to the Europe question and anybody else wants some stickers or T-shirts then I am more than happy to send them on from the UK. My cousin will just have to bring another suitcase...

So if any of my European brothers / sisters want any forum merchandise then let me know...

Does any of this make sense?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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