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Hey all,
As stated in an older post, I have read through the TSB for door buzz and suspect it will only be partially effective so I have some tips of my own. Check all wiring harnesses, door release rods and such. Think rubber hose and weather stripping type sponge to allow movement without intermittant contact with the inner door. The door panel has several locations where the parts of the panel are assembled with "poke through" (can't think of a better way to describe it?) and then melted over, kind of like a plastic rivet, construction. Some of these come very close to parts inside the door. Here one could apply a small blob of glazing caulk strip or the weather stripping type sponge. The whole front of the door panel may vibrate, several options seem to exist. As it is thin up there, something like a paint stir stick or a thin piece of plastic with velcro on both sides may hold this in place- not sure of the thickness required, it kind of depends on the velcro used. Another option would be to use a similar type of spacer glued to the panel and then use a screw to fasten the panel to the door. (Normally I would object to using a screw, but a black screw that is countersunk properly would be almost invisable when the door is open, and behind the dash when the door is closed.) Picture is rough cut of 14 gauge steel, 7" Nitro door speaker to 6.5 to 6.75" speaker adapter scanned at 100 DPI, Might print, have not tried. - attaqched as a file.


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