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Fustration and anticipation begin to set in..

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Well, as all of you may know, I ordered the lift/level kit for my Nitro. They had told me they almost sent the wrong ones and had the updated version lift on it's way. Yet, I still yet to receive a tracking number or notification that they sent it. I wanted to have them put on before I went to the lake with my son so that I may take some pics of it in the water having some fun. So, come tuesday, if I don't receive a tracking number or notification soon, I will be sure to let everyone in the forum know to not order from this company. Yet again, I have this feeling that they will magically appear at my door step tuesday afternoon. Don't know why!? :(
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well that sux!! some people are just fun suckers and they suck all the fun out of stuff....hope you still have a great time at the lake!! let us know what happens!
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