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Future Nitro owner

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Making my first post. Though I don't own a Nitro yet, I will. Hopefully sooner than later. I have an 04 GTO that I need to get rid of first. :( (anybody interested?)

I would love to get a 4x4 R/T, but I that's probably going to be out of my price range. SLT will probably be what I get. Black.

Anybody know if Dodge is planning on offering any incentives on these? Anybody know what the Dodge sales numbers are, so far? (if they've been selling well, what their projected sales are and actual numbers) That would help forecast if Dodge will be offering any incentives in the near future and if everyone and their mom are going to own one.

I am a bit shocked at the sticker price on these as all they are, mechanicly, is a big Jeep Liberty. However, they are much better looking. Am I willing to pay more to get the "looks"? You betchya.
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Welcome to the site enjoy. The Nitro is more than just a big Jeep Liberty get in one & cruise then you will know.:pepper:
Welcome JS. If you got an 04 GTO, then you should get a very good trade on a Nitro. Don't let the dealer hoodoo you. Don't know about incentives but our local dealer seems to be stuck as they still have the same 5 on the lot now as they had a couple of weeks ago. All are SXt models though.
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