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Gas mileage

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Hi everyone:

I have a new SLT Nitro. I have drive it for about 10 days and only 400 miles.

It is running at about 15 MPG, reaching once the 16 MPG level.

FIrst week it runs at about 13 MPG.

Is this normal? My ride is mostly highway, but I think that a highway in Puerto Rico is compare to a longer and wider USA street. In the morning and afternoon traffic all the lanes are full so you have to stop many times and it would be impossible to use the cruise control.

Maybe I have to wait to take a ride in low traffic hours and longer distances to see how it behaves.
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Lots of posts & threads about mileage in this forum. Use the search tool & you'll find plenty of people saying that their mileage is improving the more they drive.
I have almost 4000 miles on my SLT & I got 14 mpg dragging a 2200 lb trailer last weekend. I usually get 19 or 20 pretty easily driving to work & back all week.
Good luck & enjoy the new ride!
Yeah but you don't have a lead foot like I do air....

My daughter has one job when we get out on the freeway, tell dad to set the cruise control because this lil nitro likes to move!
My nitro has 1200 miles on it. and at first it was registering at 13.5 mpg

But now it is saying 12.0 mpg. I use it mainly in the city. I work at night, so traffic is minimal and my work is like 10 miles round trip.
My nitro has 1200 miles on it. and at first it was registering at 13.5 mpg

But now it is saying 12.0 mpg. I use it mainly in the city. I work at night, so traffic is minimal and my work is like 10 miles round trip.

Have you had your Nitro check in the dealer? Or are you expecting for the mileage to improve? It's possible that some of the TSB's may improve the mileage?
so on average the nitro is runnin between 14-16 miles per gallon????
Not necessarily. There are other guys that report over 20 MPG. They say that mileage is supposed with time because of some sort of mechanism I really don't undrstand well.
so on average the nitro is runnin between 14-16 miles per gallon????
In stop & go traffic maybe..... or draggin a trailer. On the highway it gets about 19 or 20.
Read thru the threads in the forum. There has to be 100 posts about this.
I've found that when I commute to work through town (stop and go damn stoplights) I get about 16.5 mpg. When I drive the freeway to & from work, I get about 18 mpg. When going strictly freeway, like to Pullman & back, I get 21 mpg...
I have almost 2500 miles but I have noted a slight increase in mpg lately, despite my love of taking off quickly from stop lights....
i had a good laugh on tuesday
i was at a local tire shop having my new rims installed on the R/T.

a guy walks up to me and asks "is that your Nitro?" I answered yep it is

He then asks "what kind of milage do you get?" I answered the average for the last few tanks was 17.8 MPG in the city bit i only have around 700 miles on her so it should get better as the engine breaks in.
He then tells me i am lieing and that his Magnum only gets 14 MPG best in the city..........I then walked him over opened the door turned on the key and poked the button on the steering wheel to show the average mpg at 17.6 MPG. he looked and said no way its wrong. I then told him i also checked when i filled up and the numbers are correct. He still tried to tell me i was lieing, I just looked at him and said the numbers dont lie and maybe your are getting bad milage becasue of the way that you drive. He didnt have anything to say for that and just walked away :Na_Na_Na_Na:
Or maybe because he's driving a hemi? My buddy has a quad cab pickup with the hemi in it. Great power, especially towing. But he's lucky to get 11 or 12 mpg. It's usually less!
200 + mi round trip

Just got back, had high cross winds and snow squalls ( 25 to 30 degrees) and got 20 mpg average 70 mph. Nitro was stable but did get pushed around some but no where close to the Honda Element I had last. :wave:
Another trip

220 mi . 22 mpg same trip as last week ,not as windy, 35 to 40 degrees 70 mph av. :Racing:
22 mpg is awesome. But have no clue how you can average such awesome mileage.

My SLT has 1300 miles and the onboard computer saids 12.6 mpg.
and that's after I filled it up with BP gas. I use it in the city, mostly at night with no traffic.

This is highway mileage

I had good conditions, no cross winds,no big loads ( unless you count my wife :SHOCKED: LOL kidding) cruse on and flat interstate. I also keep a few extra pounds of air in the tires and check them often. :wavey:
Anyone looking for some MPG tips and trick, check out forums. Some pretty wild ideas there and I'm going to see how many work in my Neon and Volaré :) And, of course, my Nitro when I get one. ;)

I have an interesting mileage story. Nitro R/T 4.0 built Mar 1 2007.
I traveled from Charleston SC to DC on sunday. (approx 520 miles, all interstate). I was going behind my wife who was delivering a classic car to my son in DC. We went 60 mph all the way up rte 95. I got 27.5 mpg on the trip up. (about 9 hrs)
Yesterday I came back the exact same route with the Nitro only.
I put it on cruise control at 79 mph, VA, NC and SC are mostly 70 mph limit. (about 7 hrs) The cruise control is very smooth.
I got 20.5 mpg on the trip back.
It surprised me that 20 mph would account for a 7 mpg difference but it was true. In my combo driving around here I get 21, always.
I wonder what some of the people here that get 14-17 are doing. Are they 3.7's?
My future interstate driving will probably avg 70 mph (usual for me) and get the normal 24 rating.
Overall I would say 18 city 21 combo 24 highway is about right for this 4.0 L R/T .
You can actually get 27-28 if you want to drive in the right lane and go 60.
This has been my test.
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Gas Mileage !!!

Well I've had my SLT Nitro for several weeks now, and I recently took a 1 day trip down to Baton Rouge to catch an LSU baseball game. I was only expecting to get about 16-19 mpg since the only other driving I had done untill that point was in the city.. But to my surprise, about the time I hit 1000 miles... I noticed that not only was I getting good mileage, I was getting GREAT mileage !! For the trip I was getting upwards of 27 mpg !!! Seriously... for about 300 or so miles whenever the cruise was set ( 70 mph) I was getting 26.8 mpg:SHOCKED:...!!! Man was I excited .... Also, this has continued on even in the city driving... Ever since I have been home from that trip, I am getting about 21-22 mpg in the city !!!! Now please keep in mind, I had NO air conditioning on, and the weather was and has been exceptional around here as of late, but I'm definately not complaining !!!!! :4-jump2:

Wonder how much better I'll get when my K/N air filter comes in ????

Have a good one guys/ girls
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These days in my morning trip to work I have get about 25 MPG. Mostly at 55 mph, no cruising but light traffic in the highway. However,, in the afernoon trip it lowerst 17 MPG because of the havy traffic.

in another post-I got 21 to 23 mpg on our trip to Tenn. this month, with cruise control on 75 to 78 mph.We have around 5500 miles on the SLT:Racing:
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