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Gibson Exhaust - HHP

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My Gibson exhaust is installed, and I've put about 260 miles on it.

First, delivery. 8 days from placing the order. Just 6 when you consider the weekend. GREAT JOB HIGH HORSE PERFORMANCE! (Direct ship from the mfg.)

The product. Great quality. The stock muffler has rolled seams. The Gibson is welded. Very nice welds I might add. Good clean bends, heavy guage steel, quality heavy gauge clamps, not a thing to bitch about as far as quality or workmanship. A noticable upgrade from the stock parts.

Installation, again A+. Everything fit, exactly as it should. I didn't follow the directions exactly. They called for cutting the stock exhaust behind the muffler to aid removal. I just couldn't bring myself to turn a perfectly good exhaust system into scrap. It took some twisting, cussing, the removal of the rear sway bar on one side, and jacking the body up as far as possible on the suspension, but I got the original out in one piece!

Results. Ok guy's and gal's, here's where it gets difficult. I don't have access to a dyno. I can't take my Nitro to a dragstrip and run the clock. So how do we measure performance? First of all, the Gibson promised 10hp and 14 ft/lbs.
Lets be honest, can we really feel 10 horse on a vehicle this size or measure it without going into tenths or hundredths of a second? And are we looking for performance, or just better sound. With no other method here's what I did for my "before" parameters: Using the onboard timer, and being no more scientific or precise then simply pushing the reset button and stomping the gas pedal I made 5 passes. 0-60 showed 9 seconds on the timer all 5 times. 40-80 gave me an average of 12 seconds. AFTER the Gibson install, 5 passes of 0-60 gave 8 seconds for 3 and 8.5-9 for 2. (guessing on the half second) The 40-80 results showed no change. Subjective "feel" says she responds better on the highway. The next discovery was a pleasent surprise. At least according to the digital readout, my fuel mileage has made a noticable gain. Those 260 miles have all been highway miles, and the indication is that mileage has come UP 1 to 1.5 miles per gal at high speed (80+) and as much as 2 at 65-70mph. I didn't really expect to see a big performance boost.

Now the last part, and the reason I bought the system in the first place
Sound. Here, for me anyway, I'm a bit disapointed. Oh it's not to loud, don't get me wrong. Nor is it not loud enough. Let me explain that my complaint was that I could hear "intake roar" over exhaust. When I floored the gas, or downshifted to pass, all I heard was the engine sucking air, not the exhaust.
Now I can hear the exhaust. My disapointment is the sound it makes. Better said the "note". To my ears, it sounds like a horn, you know, like the exhaust is being played from a brass band instrument. Several people have asked "What did you do to your truck, it sounds funny?" It's a personal thing, others might find it a very plesent note. I'm going to have to get used to it!

If you are looking for big bad power gains.........why are you driving a 6 cylinder SUV?

If you are interested in changing the sound of your Nitro, I'd suggest you make an effort to actually hear the systems you are interested in.

Bottom line though, you can't go wrong regardless of which system you should choose, by making your purchase from our friends at HIGH HORSE PERFORMANCE.
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Nice, honest and fair write-up K12RS. We all appreciate this. Thanks!!
2nd thoughts on my Gibson exhaust

After my 1st post, I'm having 2nd thoughts on my opinion of the Gibson exhaust.

Not on the system or it's purchase, but on the one thing I wasn't 100% pleased with, the sound. I still haven't heard any other systems to compare it to, however, I was reminded of a valid point. This is, after all, a 6 cylinder engine. The only other modified exhaust I've ever had on a 4 wheeled vehicle, was on my Dakota, with a 5.2L, V8. Obviously the 8 cyl had a much different sound. A motor head friend of mine pointed out a sound I have heard alot of, 4 cylinders. There's no mistaking a modified Civic's sound, or that of any other small 4 cylinder. Another friend likes to tease me about spending $2000.00 on a 2-Brothers full race exhaust to make my K1200RS "sound like a Jap bike" as he puts it. I am quick to point out the K1200RS is an in-line 4 cylinder, and they all sound similar with open exhaust. That puts the sound of my Nitro with Gibson into perspective! I guess I was expecting an 8 cylinder sound out of a 6 cylinder firing order.

What I have been doing is turning up the radio to cover the exhaust note.
Although the exhaust is plenty loud enough to enjoy, it's not over powering and can be overlooked. While not concentraiting on the sound, I've been more aware of the change in performance. There is no doubt about it. Passing performance is noticably better.

Now well into the 3rd tank of gas since the installation I can also confirm, the Gibson has increased gas mileage 1.8 to 2 MPG on my daily commute. And that's a 130 mile round trip at speeds of 75-80! I'd say the cost of the system would be justified by the gas savings alone.

There you have it. I've gave it more consideration, and I can now say I am 100% satisfied with the Gibson Cat-Back Exhaust from HIGH HORSE PERFORMANCE
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I have to say that I have had nothing but comments on the sound of my Gibson exhaust. The conversation I had with Gibson was similair to what you are saying. It is a V6, not a V8. I know Gibson tried several different exhausts on it until they came up with the one that is available. On the note of performance, I fully agree.
Does anyone with the Gibson exhaust have access to a decent recorder so that the rest of can hear what it sounds like? I've already setup a site where you can post the sound for everyone else to click on a link to hear.


Type in your address bar:

Username: u35533258-1
Password: nitrosounds

The window will simply open up link a regular Windows Explorer window. Just drag any file there and it'll upload to my server.

Keep in mind that if this gets abused, it'll be shut down.

Now, if anyone wants to hear your file, you can give them this address/link:{filename}

I would highly recommend NOT using ANY spaces in your filename. If you must, use dashes (-) or underscores (_).

Bonus points if someone can identify this one :)

BTW, any sound format will work, i.e. mp3, .mid, .wav

(Should we get a post with a sticky for these instructions?)
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So that must be the stock exhaust, eh, dreagondon?

It would be cool to hear sound files from a Gibson & Magnaflow exhaust...... and any other custom exhaust setups!

sweet! But here is a stupid question from someone who knows nothing.
Does this hurt the vehicle at all?
Mine is Gibson

first one is at the tailpipe

second one is from inside the cab w/the sunroof open

Idle sounded great! Now rev her up some!
No it does not hurt the vehicle. Improves performance and gas mileage. Let's the engine breath.
So that must be the stock exhaust, eh, dreagondon?

It would be cool to hear sound files from a Gibson & Magnaflow exhaust...... and any other custom exhaust setups!

None of those sounds are from my car.
I have the Gibson Dual Exhaust & I've been told that after it was installed the Nitro sounded like a Grand National GNX.
Great looking fhartell ! :smileup:
Wow that looks awesome! I cant wait to get mine. Im in the process of trying to get the headers and the catback system all together in a package deal.
few questions for you Gibson owners. Checking out and they have Stainless and Aluminized. What is the real difference. Is it worth it to get the Stainless.
Also. Can towing still be done with that Dual out. Site says not recommended for towing but the pics look like there is still enough room to tow.

I have a dynomax on my 3.7. I can say that the note of the muffler upon acceleration is really good. At cruising speeds 60-80 I do not hear the exhaust. I am also planning on placing a CAI in about 15 days.
Wheres the pic?

Trying to decide on an exhaust upgrade and was looking for one that looks descent coming out the back, dont want it at an angle like some I have seen, comes out chrome tip aimed at the ground ??

Can see the pic on this one, does it come straight out level with the ground?

Thanks, Flaps

here's a pic of it installed.
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