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Gizmos that (don't) improve horsepower or mileage

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I saw this item on ebay:

It's a vortex generator that is supposed to improve HP and MPG. So, I wisely checked this forum and read mostly hokus-pokus type comments, which were along the same lines that brought me to suspect the claims in the first place. Upon investigating further, also found this:

So, final conclusion is to beware of the items in the article and to not believe everything you read on ebay, even if there are a gallon of positive comments.
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Yeah, you'd think that if these things actually worked, they would be installed at the factory, unless you happen to be a conspiracy theorist who believes that the oil companies pay the vehicles manufacturers tons of dough not to put them in .... LOL

Yeah, Taz is a cool name, in my opinion. Does your daughter love the cartonn character, or is it one of your 'flaws' ??
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