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Going to Camvap with my problems

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Hi everybody,

Presently i am in the process of going to arbitary CAMVAP (The Canadian Lemon Law) in order to break the lease. I am quite nervous about it.

Let me summarise some of the problems.

I did submit last year some problems i had with our Nitro like almost no hot air on the driver side during winter and during summer when it was very warm, the air conditionner was not doing the job.

They change the compressor, change some front panel knob, they refill the Freon(whatever they use today) and it still the same.

So in the winter you get cold air and in the summer you get warm air.

After one year and a half, the dealer is still waiting for Chrysler Tech... can you beleive that.

After doing some research it looks like some doors in the unit are not closing properly and air passes thru it. There is even a part number to fix this problem but the dealer does not want to do anything.

NitroTech has given me some suggestions last year but the dealer does not want to hear anything.

P/N: 55197311AD or i beleive its 55197311AE

Next week , i am going before the board to argue these problems and i would like very much to have more ideas as what other people have experienced in this type of arguments and maybe some suggestions on how and what i should have for arguments. How many people have this type of problems.
Am i the only one with this...

Oh... by the way, the dealer has said to the Board that we where told that there was no problems and everything is normal.... go figure.

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Hey Pete, have you tried other dealers first? I think most of us have found unruly dealers that just want to sell cars and change oil. Sometimes you have to drive a bit to find a good one but the experience is certainly worth it in the end.

When I found a good 5 start dealer the first thing I did was call Dodge and file a complaint about the first dealer. I got a call from the general manager the following day and he offered to make things right, but I told him I was already happy with the new dealer and would be staying with them. He continues to this day to send me free oil change and other coupons but as I said, I am happy where I am.

Good luck with your arbitration.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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