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Good Afternoon

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I am a newbie and would like to say Hello to the Group, I look forward to working together to have the best driving and service experiences possible.
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Welcome to the club!
Welcome to the forum Gtown. Look around and enjoy the site. Got questions, post 'em up!
Thanks Guys

I'm sure I'll have some questions.
Welcome to the Forum Gtown, you'll find this forum full of friendly people who love to help. Enjoy the ride and post some pix when you can..Joe
Welcome to the forum Gtown , enjoy your new ride you can relax around here & have fun.:beerchug:
Hey GTown...You have chosen...wisely. Welcome to the forum for all your Nitro Needs! Just to let you know...this WILL become your favorite site! Enjoy!:3stooges:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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