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Just checking in as the new owner of a Nitro :Racing:
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howdy my Texas sister!!! glad to have you. there is a thread for Texas owners....go over and add your name!! glad to have another texas gal here....oh it's on!! not only do we have another chick here, but she is from

how did you find us?
cool, we also have what is your real name and what do you do for a living....if you want us to know cool, if you tell us and will have to kill us, that is cool too!!
so do you love the nitro so far? we have a few peeps here from Austin!!

maybe one day we will all have a get-together!
also TNG, we have some ref. slips that we print out and some people stalk(you know who you j/k DK) and others just casually place them under wipers if we see them in a parking lot.

we have a spot a nitro thread so if you pass on go to the thread and tell us about it!!
Of course right now and I am in full blown "please don't hit my new vehicle" panic mode.
my nitro is a year this week and I am still in that mode!
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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