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Not an owner yet but rented one and am now waiting till next year to get me an R/T...especially once MyGig is available in a month :)

Question, why can't I post in the 'review' section. I got a great review on the SLT we rented a few weeks ago and would like to share my experiences from it.

I'm going to guess that the forum board may be aware that I haven't added a truck description yet, but that would be surprised and cool (I'm a techie) at the same time.
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Welcome to the forums!

We would love to have your review!
Please look in the Site Article Submission forum for more info on how to submit a review.

The reason you can't post in there is because members were posting short little things that were not what we consider a "review". I want to have real reviews in there! :)
Welcome Dragondon. Enjoy the site and get you a Nitro soon.
welcome to the forum enjoy we would all like to read your comments.
Review posted up! I'm sure you'll get to read very soon.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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