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Lots of HID kit threads here!

I didn't want to start a new thread for my HID kits that are hopefully going to be installed by me tonight, so I just jumped in on this one, as it only had a few replies.

Here are some pictures of the kits.

Audio equipment Electronics Technology Electronic device Electronic instrument


Bumper Automotive lighting Automotive exterior Light Auto part

Electronics Metal Glass

I paid $385 for both kits together, plus shipping through a company called XenonEyes, but I won't be recommending them until after I install the kits and verify how well they work and ease of installation (completeness of the kits).

Also, I am not happy with the length of time it took to receive my kits, and although the shiny cases that the kits come in look nice from a distance, they are actually not high quality packaging, so it makes me a little concerned about the quality of the kit parts and the reliability of the company's warranty.

Lastly, I ordered Bi-Xenon kits for my H-13 headlights and it was explained to me that my headlight kit would have a second halogen bulb for the high beams. What arrived was a kit that has a movable bulb that uses magnets to somehow move the bulb when the high beams are activated. I have heard of this type before, in fact I think NitroWill has this type on his Nitro, but that is not what they told me on the phone when I was ordering mine.

So, with all that said, wish me good luck with my install tonight (or tomorrow) and I will post more pictures of the install process when I am done.

Damn this Nitro is fun to own, drive and play around with!

(remember this one?) Keep on Truckin'! :wave:


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I agree about the fun part.. its been a few vehicle since I was interested in making it 'my own' with mods etc. Let us know how you make out with the install. I may get the same kit if you are happy with the results. My Lumanics just ain't cutting it.

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